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/!\ The end of the community is near .../!\

  • Dear players,

    Our community and our servers are in danger!
    There is no sufficient funds to cover the community costs for this month.
    The goal fee is not really expensive, only 30.00€ but for this month we are really far away …
    I do all I can to keep the community alive but for now I can’t help anymore.
    There are a lot of players on our servers and lot of regulars players, if only a few people donate we can stay
    in live for a longtime.
    Considers this: we offer good servers as vanilla as possible (no stupid plugins or configurations),
    big stats system, over 10 games, voice server, no ads on site or in game, and so much more maybe you ignore …
    I’m available on Steam if you want to speak of it.
    Thanks for reading this and thanks for all.

    The admin @PlayBoy31.fr

    Please donate! (Donate now!)

Contact Informations
You can contact us for:
  • - report a problem on server (specify game),
  • - report a problem with a player (specify pseudo and SteamID if you know it),
  • - report a problem on web site (specify page or section),
  • - ask for an improvement.
  • Be precise in your message, present yourself and give us all necessary data.

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