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/!\ Important message /!\
  • This message is for all our people who play on our servers, the cash reserve to maintain the server
    is very low and without a small donation of your part in the next days the server will be closed.
  • The result is simple, everything will be lost: players stats, community, etc.
  • To prevent this and if you like us and our servers, please consider making a donation.
  • Time remaining before server shutdown: 4 days 11:00:59 Donate now!
Contact Informations
You can contact us for:
  • - report a problem on server (specify game),
  • - report a problem with a player (specify pseudo and SteamID if you know it),
  • - report a problem on web site (specify page or section),
  • - ask for an improvement.
  • Be precise in your message, present yourself and give us all necessary data.

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